'Nashville' Star Charles 'Deacon' Esten on the Upside of the Show Getting Axed By ABC

publish date: 2017-01-10
source: billboard

Nashville was canceled after four seasons on ABC — and picked up a month later by CMT. Actor Charles Esten (aka the troubled, lovable guitarist Deacon) discusses the new season, which launched Jan. 5.
How’s the move to CMT?
We’ve always strived for authenticity ... and now on CMT we can tell the stories with fewer showy story points and let things breathe -- like a country song.
Living in Nashville, have you met anyone who reminds you of Deacon?
Artists and songwriters have difficulties. There’s a lot of pain that is drawn upon to create beauty, and Deacon is the patron saint of that. (Laughs.) He has been through so much it has almost broken him completely, but it means he has some things to say behind a guitar or sitting at a notepad. I’ve run into that again and again.